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An Impact Measurement Framework

The Investment Impact Index™ (III™) has been developed through utilising our impact assessment methodology and framework and integrating data visualisation technology to be able to speed up the process of impact measurement and management.

Adopting a 360-degree approach to impact data and utilising technology as a platform, you can analyse, verify and make actionable recommendations on all the data related to funds, investments, projects and portfolios in a shorter time and more cost-effective manner.

The Investment Impact Index™ (III™) calculates the impact achieved with over 50 dimensions (impact and return) identified and captures all impact data and analysis in an impact report and dashboard.

Our proprietary impact assessment technology and reporting solution is a tested methodology and framework that can identify impact indicators and measure the total extent of impact and return resulting from philanthropy, social and impact investments.

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Due to a lack of globally accepted uniform performance measurement standards and because most organisations are currently mostly tracking activities, outputs and outcomes Next Generation created an impact measurement methodology and framework (the III™) to change impact investing measurement and management by verifying the true impact of investments while also tracking longer-term metrics.

Our impact mapping tool and impact assessment solution is data-driven and designed to assist investors and organisations, using scorecards, data visualisation and evidence-based reports, to be able to demonstrate how their investments make a difference.

The Investment Impact Index™ provides insights into overall impact achieved while simultaneously delving deeper into portfolio and program comparative data. The (III™) provides you with;

  • A shared and collective impact management and measurement system
    • A library of qualitative and quantitative indicators by development sector and a common platform for analysing and reporting on different outcomes and impacts
  • A comparative performance impact management system
    • By consistently following the same approach, impact can be compared across individual organisations, programs and collective investment portfolios
  • An adaptive learning system
    • The impact assessment framework, methodology and data management system support ongoing collaboration and learning among implementing and intermediary organisations, beneficiaries and investors to align efforts and goals, ensuring high impact and return on investment resulting from outcomes and impact

By measuring and managing your scale of impact, investors and organisations can make informed decisions for sustainable results.

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The III™ is a social impact measurement framework methodology developed and designed for impact and social investors to help quantify, qualify and verify impact and return on investment in order to help make better investment and development decisions and for those who seek to understand and verify the difference that their investment and development portfolios make.

To date, the Investment Impact Index (III™) has assessed in excess of R 3 Billion social investment data, across 5 countries. It has registered more than 1,000 indicators, over 100 programs and interventions across 7 investment portfolios.

The system was designed to identify, understand, record and analyse impact while enabling investors and social organisations to measure, demonstrate, report and maximise impact, sustainability and efficiency. The Investment Impact Index (III™) technology visually illustrates and tracks an organisations;

  • Investment
  • Impact
  • Return on performance

This provides investors, management committees and boards the tangible material evidence for communications as well as identifying opportunities for performance acceleration while verifying and sharing impact with an;

  • Executive summary
  • Impact analysis report
  • Return analysis report
  • Impact vs return analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis

The Investment Impact Index (III™) gives investors a way of verifying their impact and return on investment on a single platform using a single methodology, making proving and analysing impact far easier for clients and investors.

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Our III™ solution takes the impact assessment process to the next level by developing a unique reporting system backed by our social impact assessment methodology.

Designed to measure the impact achieved by investments, for a range of stakeholders, the elements of the Impact Investment Index™ ensure a visual and results-based report that not only measures return on investment but identifies the stakeholders impacted, the dimension of impact achieved and the depth and scale of the impact namely;

  • Type of impact achieved
  • Range and scope of impact achieved
  • Depth and sustainability of impact achieved
  • Scale and longevity of impact achieved

We partnered with leading social and impact investors to enhance impact and return on investment, collecting, verifying and demonstrating the tools that support real-time decisions with our social return on investment impact methodology.

Our III™ impact measurement and management methodology, framework and technology offer investors and organisations critical impact investment insights, recommendations and KPI’s to improve planning and goal setting.

Through the identified metrics that assess impact performance we have created the best-in-class way of monitoring your impact during the implementation process and evaluating impact post implementation.

The Impact Investment Index™, a credible impact assessment methodology, removes bias from assessments while supporting monitoring and evaluation efforts with an independent verification of impact and return on investment.

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The III™ impact assessment methodology is based on assessment, measurement standards and reporting principles, guidelines and frameworks moving beyond the current practice of monitoring and evaluation by placing focus on actual impact and return on investment achieved.

To overcome the challenges of impact measurement and management the III™ was developed with a clear impact definition to measure and manage impact through reliable data collection and verification.

Data-driven investment and decision making means the III™ (Investment Impact Index™) provides meaningful and actionable recommendations on a strategic, programmatic and operational level, through impact reports that contain impact insights on individual programs, total impact achieved through development portfolios.

The Investment Impact Index™ makes use of a collaborative stakeholder engagement process to verify the impact and return while providing a deep analysis of impact achieved. This brings investors a new way of understanding the sheer impact of their investments and a way of bettering those investments going forward.

This enables philanthropists, donors, humanitarian and social purpose organisations, social and impact investors to make smart future investment decisions, due to III™ predictive future impact modelling which identifies extensive impact opportunities.

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