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Impact Measurement & Management. Watch why the Investment Impact Index™ (III™), was created...

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Investment Impact Index™ (III™) | Impact and ROI

Sustainability targets and realisation of your organisations’ strategic objectives can only be achieved when you effectively measure, validate, and report to improve impact performance. The III™ is a impact assessment methodology and analysis framework that quantifies and qualifies impact and return on investment (ROI).

We provide data integrity and transparency with professional insight on your investment impact and the return on social and impact investment.

Our trademarked III™ reporting software, built on our proprietary methodology of impact assessment, has identified and tested more than 25 dimensions of impact and 25 dimensions of return. By effectively recording and verifying dimensions of impact and return it calculates the total impact and ROI achieved.

Having assessed more than R3 Billion investments, 700 programs and interventions over the past decade, Next Generation have developed the Investment Impact Index™ (III™) to address the global need for;

  • Effective impact due diligence, performance, measurement and management
  • Feasible impact investment decisions and strategies
  • Efficient and transparent reporting on;
    • Impact
    • Return
  • A comparative impact benchmark methodology

The III™ (Investment Impact Index™) is an impact management and measurement methodology, framework and tool aligned to global reporting frameworks and standards.

It is designed for social and impact investors and other stakeholders who seek to understand the real difference that their investments make to enable them to make informed decisions.

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The practice of impact measurement and management (IMM) aides organisations and investors in making effective investment and development decisions. With visual data, dashboards and reports our insights and analysis of impact and return help you in quantifying, qualifying and verifying impact and return on investment.

Our impact assessment methodology has been tested by some of the largest social investors in Southern Africa, providing valuable impact performance data.

Philanthropists, social and impact investors want to make better investment and development decisions; however, they remain unsure of how to measure and verify their impact.

Until now, due to the sheer volume of data, practicing impact measurement and management has been costly, time consuming and difficult and require extensive human resources.

The III™ (Investment Impact Index™) clearly defines, through its methodology and verifications, measurable and actionable insights for proper organisational KPI’s. It includes our impact management data visualization reporting tool making your impact and return easily accessible and understandable.

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With visual data and reports our insights and analysis of impact and return help you in quantifying, qualifying and verifying impact and return on investment. This in turn increases your stakeholder and investor buy-in.

Our proven III™ (Investment Impact Index™) for impact measurement, management and reporting provides you with;

  • An understanding of impact and return
  • A cost benefit analysis of impact and return on investment
  • Insights into the effectiveness, relevance and materiality of investments
  • Supporting evidence
  • Stakeholder impact visualisation

These ensure you have the full picture of impact achieved. The III™ impact assessment methodology structures impact data according to dimensions of impact, creating an organisational memory and baseline for future performance management.

The Investment Impact Index™ is a credible impact assessment methodology and framework that provides an independent verification of impact and return on investment achieved while removing bias from assessments and supporting monitoring and evaluation efforts.

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The III™ (Investment Impact Index™) is based on integrated, globally accepted assessment measurement indicators, standards and reporting principles, guidelines and frameworks. By focusing on actual impact and return on investment achieved our impact evaluation moves outside the current practice of monitoring and evaluation.

The Investment Impact Index™ is supported by;

  • the development of visual impact reports
  • standardised and tested impact indicators
  • impact measurement and management frameworks
  • impact strategies and investment portfolios

While including an impact analysis technology solution, the Investment Impact Index™ is a credible assessment methodology that confirms investment effectiveness as well as impact evaluation. This allows for stakeholders to have immediate visualisation of their efforts and provides predictive future impact information, as well as providing a baseline for future performance management activities.

The credible impact assessment process helps investors with development strategies by providing insights for operations and programs. The III™ is a solution that provides valuable impact and ROI insights, indicators to measure past and future impact and impact data according to impact dimensions.

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The Investment Impact Index™ was developed in response to requests from clients that want to develop investment strategies and investment portfolios and programs with impact that matters.

Through having the ability to visualise total impact vs cost per impact/return stakeholders are enabled to not only evaluate and monitor their impact but have transparent forecasting and accountability.

The Investment Impact Index™ (III™) not only looks at your overall impact it enables all stakeholders to address “what the impact was” and “what the actual return was” at a granular level. This applies to all development programs as well as investment portfolios.

The III™ measures and manages the impact and return achieved. Performance is addressed on all levels including;

  • what investments were made
  • where they were made
  • what impact was achieved
  • what return on investment was achieved
  • the true cost of impact and return achieved
  • the effectiveness, relevance and materiality of impact and return achieved

This allows due diligence and transparency on how effective, material, efficient and sustainable the impact of the investment was as well what the cost and benefit of the impact and return on investment was.

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Over the past decade, we have worked with an array of social investors across Africa in order to foster a culture of evidence-based decision making within the social investment and development sectors.

Our core focus has been to accelerate and shift the investment and development sectors to account better for invested resources.  We developed our impact assessment methodology and impact assessment technology to address the problem of a lack of regular and clear feedback as well as evidence that underwrites accountability for investments.

Since 2008, we have worked tirelessly to develop and test a unique impact assessment methodology – the Investment Impact Index™ – that assists investors to make their impact vision a reality.

With the Investment Impact Index™ (III™) evaluating, measuring and managing impact is now efficient, effective and feasible.